Lillie's Laboratory



Ireland’s Only Micro-Distillery


Lillie’s Bordello is home to Lillie’s Laboratory, Ireland’s first micro-distillery, Thursday through Sunday we have live distillations and serve unique and refreshing cocktails.

Lillie’s Laboratory is an art, every single distillation at Lillie’s Laboratory is unique; it is a cocktail making class with a twist and a distinctive difference! We invite groups of guests to unleash their inner apothecary and spend two hours distilling their very own flavoured gin or vodka. Guided by our expert team of mixologists, guests are educated in the art of spirit distillation. Senses are guided and taste buds are tingled, as guests sample a variety of flavours, including specially selected fresh fruits, berries, foraged botanicals and dried fruits macerating in spirits. Using their award-winning knowledge, our mixologists will assist guests in designing their very own personalised blend of Lillie’s Bath Tub Gin and Vodka. Having perfected their personal blend, guests are then invited to enjoy the fruits of their labour as our mixologists serve up some bespoke cocktails.

The distillation process is not by any means rushed at Lillie’s Laboratory, a slow vacuum distillation captures the best from ingredients and saves only the core of the flavour and scents to produce a fine premium spirit.


Join our award winning mixologists and become a part of this evolution in craft distilling.

Lillie’s Laboratory unique experience costs €45 per person with a minimum booking of 10 people per group. Distillation times are available both during the day and at night.

For more information or to book your lab experience, contact Team Lillie’s on 01-679-9204 or